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Card Design Information

You have two choices in card layouts, strip and card. The strip layout will print two passport style strips with your pictures on whereas a 6x4 card print will just produce 1 post card sized print with your pictures on.

When it comes to modifying a card for your event we need to know certain information

  1. How would you like your names written on the card? For example, would you like “Mr & Mrs” or your names written like “Jane & Steve”.
  2. Do you have any colour scheme we should use? Some weddings have specific colour schemes which we can use.
  3. We try and add a special message to the card; the standard message is “Thank You for Sharing Our Special Day”.  Tell us and we can add any message you like.
  4. We have a wide range of icons from rings, flowers, bunting etc. If you would like a specific icon adding to your card please let us know.

Before the event, you should have received via email some example designs to look at. Once you have chosen a favourite we will get to work modifying it for your event.


Please Note that if you have paid extra for a guest book option then you will need to pick a strip format rather than a 6x4 card print.